Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Want to advertise on the Ad Income Online blog?

I'm looking for articles for this blog. Have you got a great product you want to promote, or a website or blog you want interested readers to visit?

Send me your blog posts and articles and I will post them on my blog.

I'm also interested in side bar text links and banners.

I'm charging a small fee to permanently enter articles on my blog.

To add 1 article a month it costs $5
To add 2 articles a month it costs $8
To add 4 articles a month it costs $14

To add a text link or small banner to the side bar it costs only $3 a month

To get your articles, posts and text links out or other promotions just rely to this post in the comments and leave your email or SKYPE contact details. If you want to keep your identity anonymous just reply to this post and send me an email directly to toyaspost@gmail.com.

IZEA Confirmation key

Friday, 14 March 2014

Ad Income Online Biz Diary 17

22/2 - 28/2
1/3 - 7/3
8/3 - 14/3

At the moment I spend about 5 hours a week creating and updating HubPages.

I am also working on getting paid to blog jobs and bidding at Izea and also Blogsvertise, spending about 2 hours a week.

I am also writing and updating my Squidoo Lenses and spend about 3 hours a week doing this.

I have been looking into adding NeoBux, MyLeadCompany and also Reality Networkers as part of my guaranteed income network and am planning to pay paid monthly memberships with each which all guarantee monthly commissions. About 4 hours a week, preparing articles, classified ads, blog posts to promote these sites at.

I have also been programming my blogs to run throughout the summer regularly so that I can concentrate on putting current ads and coupons or information regularly to keep the blogs updated.  About 2 hours a week.

I am also bookmarking and adding my blogs and websites to online directories hoping to get more viewers and readers and make more money from the third party advertising and also affiliate banners About 1 -2 hours a week.

For the last 3 weeks I have been doing an average of 17 -18 hours of work a week trying to build a passive online income from multiple income streams.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

What Good Ways To Earn From Your Blog?

Ideas for making money on your blog

Placing third party ads on your blog:

Using third party advertising to place advertisers ads on your blog and relevant to your blog niche. These ads and banners update automatically with each blog entry and can be placed at the top, sides and bottom of your blog as well as in your actual posts.

Any interested reader who clicks through to the ad's website will make you a commission. Some members of these programs with successful blogs have been known to make thousands every month just by placing third party text links and banner ads on them.

Writing blog posts for money:

There are several companies online who will pay you to write blog posts. You can join them for free and also add your blog to see if it meets their requirements. Usually your blog has to be more than three months old, have regular articles and some PR or Alexa status to be included in their blog directory for potential advertisers. Once your blog has been accepted you can start accepting jobs and tasks and earn regular money writing blog posts reviewing products and businesses. Some paid to blog companies also pay weekly direct to your PayPal account.

Earn commissions by selling affiliate products

You can also join affiliate programs for free and sell products you choose from different merchants listed in their directories. If your blog is about beauty or fashion for example, you can add banners, text links and product reviews on your blog as blog posts or static advertisements in the side bars. Then if someone takes on a free trial or buys a product you will earn a commissions. You get paid monthly once you reach the payment minimum for each company.

Some of the top internet marketers making a living by selling affiliate products online. They make $1000's every single month just by promoting products from well known merchants and affiliate programs.

You can also join a blogging community and start your own blog for free. Some of these companies also pay you a share of the advertising revenue they make usually decided and calculated by your participation in the community.

Friday, 21 February 2014

What are HubPages exactly?

HubPages are like one page web directories on different products and topics.

You write articles and fill your page with photos, tables, quizzes and videos.

You can also add eBay and Amazon related products in the content or at the top and sidebars and earn commissions from any sales made by clicking through from your page.You can also make money using Google Adsense and the HubPages Ad Program.

You can write HubPages on anything you want but don't use affiliate links.

You can also use the Recipes template to create a recipe with ingredients and cooking instructions, plus there is a calorie and nutritional value section which you can fill in to give readers know what they will be eating and if it is a healthy meal or dish or not.

You can make your HubPages for free and earn commissions from sales and revenue from third party advertising and also earn a percent of your referral's earnings.

HubPages are easy to create and you can follow the simple templates, tips and guides to help you make a good page.

You can also connect with other Hubbers and comment on their Hubs as well. This boosts your readership and helps you spread the word about your Hub. Your Hub page also comes up in the search listings if you add the section for other Related HubPages.

You can join and get started today for free. It's well worth it for a passive income once your Hubs become popular. http://listsnthings.hubpages.com/#

Ad Income Online Biz Diary 16

I have been updating and creating Hub Pages and Squidoo pages a lot this last month. I would say I put in about 1 1/2 for each, every day - 10.50 hours a week,

The rest of the time I have been writing blog posts for future publications and also researching other author's titles online which I can use on the blogs. Spend about 4 hours a week

I've also been preparing some advertising for the different moneymaking programs I'm a member of and creating an advertising plan to try and get referrals and also new affiliates, or make some new sales. Spend about 2 hours a week.

Also using facebook, twitter and bookmarking websites to bookmark, research online for new ways of driving traffic to my blogs and affiliate programs Spend about 1 hour a week

I've done this over the last four weeks and am now going to start advertising online with classified ads, traffic exchanges and also other internet marketing strategies.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Ad Income Online Diary 15

14 - 20 January

Made 2 new HubPages 4
Made 1 new Squidoo Lens 2
Updated my blogs and websites layouts, templates and themes 2
Bookmarking web pages and blog pages, 2
Advertising and getting website traffic to my blogs and websites, also social networking profiles 4
Researching, getting more ideas on how to make money online, looking for new affiliate products to promote 2
Writing offline for articles, ads (solo ads and classified ads) 1
Total 17 hours

21 - 27 January

Created 2 new Squidoo lens, one is locked for not having quality content though 4
Updated and made new HubPages 4
Started on programming Beauty Lists for future posts, plus writing articles and posts to include offline 8
Bookmarking lenses and hubpages plus organizing my social bookmarking profiles and libraries 2
Total 18 hours

Use Blog Advertising To Get Readers

At Blogsvertise you can place ads on your blog and get paid per view or for sales commissions.

You can also write reviews and blog posts for advertisers on your blogs.

Blog advertising is one of the best ways to build back links to your websites and online business. Advertising on someone's blog will also get you more targeted traffic leading to more potential clients.

Internet Advertising 

Join now and start getting the word out. Place small banner ads and text links on your blogs and also accept requests for written blog posts.

Tell readers and advertisers that you can provide them with a blog advertising service on yours and other's blogs.

Advertisers will jump at the chance of having a way to get thousands of viewers to their websites and products.

And you can earn extra commissions for their orders in addition to the money you make from the paid tasks in the member's area.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Ad Income Online Diary 14

Here's my biz diary from the end of December 2013 up to this week in January 2014. My blog and affiliate programs are starting to make me money and I am making new Hub Pages and Squidoo lenses all the time for more monthly income.

Most of the money I make comes from third party ads like Google Adsense and affiliate ads selling products.

17-23 December

Updated Hub Pages 4hrs
Updaterd my blogs 6 hrs
Wrote new Squidoo Lenses + Hub Page 4 hrs
Updated my websites 2 hrs
Bookmarked at Facebook, Twitter, Diigo, Delicious, added ads from Blogsvertise, added websites to directories 3hrs Total 19 hours


28,29,30 December


3,4,5,6 January

Wrote new Hub Pages 3 and Squidoo lenses 3, updated Cosmetic Internet 1, worked on Squidoo, 1 bookmarked and pinned my web pages 2, plus general work on my blogs, updating them and doing some SEO 3, going through affiliate programs and looking for new products to promote over NY, and January Sales. 2, organizing my web pages, bookmarks on social bookmarking sites, updating my facebook pages, 2, Total 17 hours

7-13 January

Made 2 new Hub Pages 4
Made 2 new Squidoo Lenses 3
Updated my blogs 4
Bookmarked my websites, pages and blog posts 2
Added new blog posts as drafts for future posts 4 Total 17 Hours

Monday, 16 December 2013

Ad Income Online Diary 13

3 Dec - 9 Dec

As it's Christmas I've been doing some work on my Beauty Lists blog and promoting the products I am selling. As a result I have made some commissions and sales. 8 hours

I have also made a lot of Hub Pages and keep promoting them which are now earning some Google Adsense money and also some Hub Pages ad program earnings. These can be ongoing royalties. 2 hours

Updating Cosmetic Internet and Christmas Music my Google sites with new information, a Christmas theme, Christmas gift sets and music 3 hours

Internet searching, adding my Christmas website to Christmas directories and also updating networking and bookmarking websites 2 hours

Creating a new Squidoo website 2 hours

Total 17 hours

10 Dec - 16 Dec

I've also done some Squidoo lenses and featured them in their celebrate magazine. 3 hours

I've been bookmarking and updating Facebook with a lot of Christmas freebies and also competitions which is a good way of getting page views as well and hopefully more blog readers or buyers for the products I'm selling. 6 hours

Updating Tunes Net blog with posts for Christmas and updating my Google Sites 3 hours

Updating Facebook and Twitter, plus social bookmarking sites like Tumblr, Diigo, Delicious, Stumbleupon and Digg 3 hours

Promoting blog posts and affiliate products, my websites and blogs 3 hours

Total 18 hours
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